Clutter, Clutter and more clutter

Clutter, Clutter and more clutter

Most of us have it in some form.  The best place to start when you are selling your home is to de -clutter. It can be simple things, emptying a wardrobe, cupboard or simply tidying up old items in "that junk drawer or cupboard".  Make a start today, you will feel better for it! 

Interior Design

Design Simplicity

Design Simplicity

By definition, interior design is:

In·te·ri·or de·sign


The art or process of designing the interior decoration of a room or building.

Interior designers need to be artistic, creative and imaginative, but more importantly, they need to be great communicators. Understanding a clients needs are crucial to achieving results.  At ‘Styling Spaces’ everything starts with listening to your needs and then building a plan to meet those goals.

Interior Styling

property styling

At ‘Styling Spaces’ we take interior styling very seriously.

When preparing your home for sale, it’s the little things that make all the difference and when you add up all the little things, it makes a big difference to your sale price.

Naturally, everyone needs a couch, a coffee table, an armchair or two, some artwork and a few rugs. It’s the care and attention to detail when selecting and placing these items that makes all the difference.

Get this wrong and a room lacks ‘personality’, warmth and won’t connect with potential buyers.

But, get it right and you have the potential to add thousands to your final sale price.